Mark Fichtner’s name was first mentioned when I started to look for investment homes in the Pittsburgh area. I was active in the local investment club and numerous people mentioned contacting him to get off to a good start in this business. Fear was the emotion that was holding me back from purchasing my first property. I didn’t have money for a mentor, so I listened to the people I trusted in the club who had known Mark for years. Upon contacting Mark at Penn Pioneer, I realized his goal was not only to guide me along the process of purchasing a quality investment home, but rather he wanted me to succeed so I would continue working with him on future deals. My fear was quickly replaced with confidence after spending time with him in person and on the phone. Mark has a strong presence in Pittsburgh not only with the Penn Pioneer name, but also the contacts he has with lenders, realtors, contractors, and appraisers. I guess that’s what happens when you have been in business for over 20 years.

I’ll never forget the honesty and guidance Mark provided me the first time I met him to look at a property in Wall, PA that he had for sale. He asked me, “What are my goals and/or plans with this first home I buy? “ Limited on money, I told him the goal was to rehab the home and then sell in order to generate cash. After Mark drove all the way out to this property he told me, “He didn’t think this was the property for me.” I asked him to please explain. He told me that this home would make a great “rental” or “Rent 2 Own” property but he would not recommend rehabbing the place and then putting it on the market. I was vulnerable at this early stage in my career due to a lack of knowledge. This was the perfect time for an experienced investor to take advantage of pushing a sale of a house, but Mark did not do that. He chose the higher road, and explained to me what he would do with this particular property as an exit strategy. I ended up not buying that property from him and purchased another place he had for sale. Thanks Mark for the influence you had on my investing career and for the great business relationship that we have today.

Jeremy B

WGault, L.P.


I have been an investor since 2001. I have bought, renovated, sold and hold many properties. During my time as an investor I have yet to come across a better professional than Mark Fichtner at Penn Pioneer. It was just by chance that I found Penn Pioneer, and I was lucky to have hit solid gold. I have bought 4 properties from Penn Pioneer and each one has been a winner. Mark has helped me many many times, and I am a better investor because of his knowledge and experience. Mark has been a real mentor to me over the years and has never hesitated to listen and help me with my problems. In a world with so many scams, I am fortunate to know that Penn Pioneer is there and can be trusted.

Frank Ross
New Leaf Holdings, LLC – Owner


I just wanted to say that I enjoy working you and your team. Your commitment to make sure that your customers are satisfied is over the top and your integrity as a business man is refreshing. I’m looking forward to doing more deals with you in the future. Have a terrific week.

Cindy Rack

RE Investor, Agent and Personal Development Speaker


I found Penn-Pioneer and Mark Fichtner by accident on Internet and something felt good and I am so happy that I listened to my intuition.
This is my first time investing and first time with Penn-Pioneer, and I know it will not the last one. Mark Fichtner have been very helpful and had lots and I mean lots of patience to help me, on the phone by emails and mail, as I am in California and that made his job harder.But he did make it possible and I am now the owner of a property in PA.Thank you Mark and every one at Penn-Pioneer and hopefully that next time, investing with your guidance, I can make your job easier.
Kim Lukasik, Van Der Zon Decor LLC


Penn Pioneer has always been great to work with and very helpful. Even though they are very busy, they never have a problem staying efficient and organized. I consult with Penn Pioneer several times a week, if not daily and I respect their opinion. Because of Penn Pioneer’s vast knowledge in the real estate market and their pool of ready buyers, Penn Pioneer can move fast. For one deal that we collaborated on, Penn Pioneer was able to find a buyer in one week. Penn Pioneer is a fantastic connection in this business, I would recommend their services to anyone.

James Auten, Home Buying Solutions, Inc.

“As I write this, I own 7 rental units with 1 flip in escrow. I don’t have a typical job per-say and I live 100 % off the production efforts of my real estate portfolio. If not for Mark Fichtner and all the behind the scenes folks over at Penn Pioneer, I would be living on the street carrying a sign that reads “Will work for food”. You laugh, but I’m not joking. I’m very stubborn, hard headed and don’t do well in a “job” environment. If you want to succeed, plug into these folks, do what they recommend and enjoy the fruits of your success.”

Boyce Gitzen, Jr., Private Real Estate Investor


As real estate investors, it is very important to have a network of professionals to work with. Mark and his team at Penn Pioneer went above and beyond our expectations during our transaction and we got a really sweet deal on a rental.

Jamie and Annie


I live in California but invest in the Pittsburgh area, mostly because I have the help of my wholesaler, Mark Fichtner at Penn Pioneer, who has more knowledge and expertise regarding his local market than any other investor or RE professional I know of. I have purchased five great deals from him in the last year and I expect to buy many more from him. He’s the kind of guy that you know immediately you can trust. He’s up-front about the needed repairs on the properties, and there are no surprises. He takes very thorough videos and pictures, so I can buy from him site-unseen and know exactly what I’m getting. I’ve scoured the Pittsburgh market online and I can’t find better deals than Mark has. I’ve also had the privelege of touring the Pittsburgh area with Mark personally and learning a lot about the Pittsburgh market, as it differs substantially from the other markets I’ve invested in. The cash flow from these properties is unprecedented, and I don’t need a mortgage company because the total prices are less than my down payments were on houses I had purchased in other markets. I give Mark and his company an A+ rating.

Chris Dennis


I met Mark Fichtner several years ago at my local real estate investor’s group & bought a property from him soon thereafter. It was my first “flip” & I was nervous! He told me what it needed & what he thought the profit would be & offered alot of patience, invaluable information & support. He was right on the money with all of it & a pleasure to deal with. I made a 20K profit, just like he said I would if I followed his advice. Since then, I’ve gone on to do lots of other profitable deals. Mark is very honest, helpful & forthright. If only there were more people like him in the real estate industry! I have had numerous encounters with him since then & always found him to be a great guy that I can trust. If I’m ever in search of an answer or unsure of myself or want to bounce an idea off a seasoned real estate pro, he’s one of the people I call. I would highly recommend him to fellow investors. He’s a great resource for information & someone you can count on!

Amy Scarnati

I’ve worked with Penn Pioneer since about 2003, I’ve partnered on two wholesale deals, I’ve also purchased 4 properties from Penn Pioneer. I’ve learned so much about wholesaling, closings, negotiations, contracts, and real estate investing in general on my first deal I feel it was equivalent to 5 years of experience.
Penn Pioneer knows the real estate market in Western PA better than anyone else, Penn Pioneer is known for honest business dealings and integrity. Everything is presented honestly, good, bad and ugly. When you buy a property, you know exactly what you are getting, nothing is overblown or puffed up. Longevity in this business requires competence, honesty, and good deals that make money. Penn Pioneer has all of those qualities.

Penn Pioneer has the mark of a great investing business because people who work with Penn Pioneer or buy from Penn Pioneer keep coming back. People who buy, make money, people who make money, work with you over and over again. I’ve come to know a lot of people in this industry , I’ve never run across anyone who does not know of Penn Pioneer or who has anything bad at all to say. I think that really says it all.

Angela Burton, Owner, AB Real Estate

I have known Mark for many years now. He is a stand-up guy who does this business ethically and honestly, and it’s nice knowing he’s available on speed-dial when I need him.
Whether you are selling a house to Mark, buying a house from Penn Pioneer, or working on a deal with him, rest assured you are working with one really great guy and he will do his best to serve you well.

Brandon Yeager