Start Your Own Real Estate Business!
Have you become frustrated trying to get started in Real Estate? Have you read every real estate manual and are still having trouble getting started?


Remember, 90% of all the millionaires were made with real estate because it is a phenomenal business to be in.

Some of you may have tried courses offered by late night TV hosts. Some of these courses may be helpful, but most are out of date, and their bargaining tactics are grossly unrealistic with today’s strong seller’s market. You’d have to wait for a very strong buyer’s market before many of their concepts can be put to work. Don’t get us wrong, many of them have good ideas. But wouldn’t you prefer to deal with a company that is knowledgable about the unique aspects of our current marketplace?

When you purchase a property from Penn Pioneer Enterprises you will have our experience on your side. We can assist you in making the right decisions to maximize your profits.

It is not uncommon for a first time investor to get into a property and find that they either overvalued the property or underestimated the repair costs. In either case, you have a property that is not exactly in livable condition and a monthly mortgage payment. Not exactly for the faint of heart or novice investor. Penn Pioneer Enterprises can help in this facet of the business in the following ways:

When you purchase from us, we can help you with:

    Estimate repair costs
    Estimate future rental values
    Estimate future resale values for “flipping” property
    Evaluate what repairs are necessary for renting to Section 8 tenants
    Evaluate what repairs are necessary when reselling the property for maximum profit
    Finding comparable home sales in the area
    Evaluate approximate net profit after resale
    Evaluate approximate monthly net profit for rental use

We can also assist you in obtaining financing

    Owner financing
    Conventional financing
    Mortgage brokers
    Hard money lenders

We can provide you with professional contract forms (forms you are required to use as a landlord)

    Approved lease agreements
    Lead disclosure forms and lead information booklet
    Sales Agreements

Real estate is one of the most lucrative forms of making money and is the only tried and true investment we know. After all. that’s why we’re in it! With real estate if you follow some general guidelines in your investing, you have a 95% chance of succeeding. That’s why so many millionaires have been made in real estate. IT WORKS!

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